About Us

Solutions Engineering, established in 2001, is a multi-disciplined electrical, controls and mechanical engineering & technical service company that is active in a wide range of industries all over the globe. We are committed to professionalism and serving our customer's needs in all of our endeavors.

Our staff consists of Mechanical, Electrical, Controls and Petroleum degreed engineers and we have P.E. registration in multiple states. With our multi-disciplined engineers and technicians that have decades of experience in a wide variety of industries, and having worked together for many years, we have the ability to interface with effective communication with each other and with our customers in order to execute engineering challenges in an efficient and timely manner.

It is our mission to be the most trusted, capable, and reliable firm of its kind in the industry. With extensive experience in design, installation and commissioning of systems, makes Solutions Engineering the best source for execution of high visibility projects.